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ZNC EDM control system kits

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ZNC EDM control system kits

Product introduction:


      Function Introduction

1.Provide more than 20,000 units document storage(Decided by the internal hard disk size)Namely more than 20,000 different mold processing conditions can be stored. Have multiple sets of MCS storage function..
2.With mirror surface processing circuit, a true mirror effect can be achieved. Also, it is even better to use orbit processing and powder mixing processing.
3.10 segments auto editing function. (1) Manual edit: edit the machining condition by experience. (2)AUTOZ auto edit: max. Depths, initial current and finished procession, machining area selection are provided, and then machining condition edit can be finished automatically. (3) FUZZY Z Intelligent condition edit: electrode shape, electrode and work piece material, work piece section area and finished precision selection, depth setting area are provided, and then machining condition edit can be finished automatically. With either the three edit methods above, machining can be complete at a time by the way rough→moderate→fine..
4.X.Y.Z axis coordinates are switch with metric and English system。
5.X Y axis Lock function:Can prevent the continue processing when X Y move and the workpiece be damaged 
6.Z axis Lock function:Convenient discharge to revise mode and using with shaking ( translation) apparatus
7.In processing can modify processing period or presets processing period conditions
8.Automatic arcing detection function:if arcing and processing not stable, computer will automatically adjust the parameters and increase deslagging height.till stability.
9.It could set 2~10 times discharging for raised to the set arbitrary position to processing This could achieve good slagging off performance for deep hole machining.
10.With the function of eliminating the secondary discharge
11.With discharge seeking edge quickly pull-up function, Convenient and accurate to eyeballing the electrode(copper)have touched the workpiece
12.With Power control (EQU) function for homogenizing the machining effect. And this function could be switched off to accelerating graphite electrode machining.
13.With upward discharge processing function Make it easier for special processing
14.With two independent processing coordinate system, Male die cavities and cores can be in different coordinate system points or processing
15.Power off and then restart the system automatically load the last machining conditions and coordinates, Can not move any button panel but directly according to wire control box of discharge
16.Two independent machining coordinates. In the case of keep the electrodes from tensile deformation, improve the efficiency of servo speed and large processing
17.Coordinates and processing data storage function In the different processing can quickly join the same processing conditions
18.With discharge time and boot time two timer function
19.Two kinds of high voltage circuit can be in accordance with customer demand assembly way of partial pressure or shunt way
20.Use industrial PC - BASE controller and DOM new memory instead of traditional hard disk  Reading files faster and stability is very high suitable for industrial applications
21.The screen with automatic protection function, make the screen longer service life.
22.The new design conforms to the European CE safety specifications of the electric cabinet and 15 LCD (display),can dustproof, waterproof and tamper-proof and increase the electronic board life.

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